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Hikkaduwa is a popular beach town located in southwestern Sri Lanka. Widely known for its vibrant coral reefs and stunning underwater creatures, this place is heaven for nature lovers and beachgoers alike. Here, you can enjoy various water sports activities such as scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling. Besides its breathtaking marine life, this town has plenty of attractions to offer. You can explore the Hikkaduwa Beach where you will find a plethora of vendors selling unique handicrafts and tasty street food. The nearby Buddhist temple provides visitors with a glimpse of the local culture and traditional Sri Lankan architecture. The serene and warm sandy beaches here offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. All in all, Hikkaduwa is a must-visit destination that has something to offer for everyone.

Food in Hikkaduwa

As a tourist visiting Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, you can expect a wide variety of delicious food options available throughout the area. Due to its proximity to the ocean, seafood is a popular choice with a range of dishes such as grilled fish, prawn curry and calamari being readily available. Also, don't miss out on trying the traditional Sri Lankan cuisine which mainly consists of curries made with freshly ground spices enjoyed with rice, roti or hoppers. You'll also love the popular street food dishes such as kottu roti and string hoppers. For those looking for vegetarian options, local dishes such as dal curry with rice and papadam or the Sri Lankan version of samosas known as ‘short-eats’ are must-tries. Fresh tropical fruits such as mangoes, pineapples and papayas are widely available and perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. To complete your culinary experience in Hikkaduwa, indulge in a cup of traditional Ceylon tea or King Coconut water, refreshing and packed with natural electrolytes. With so many options to choose from, be sure to sample all of the different spices and flavours available during your stay in Hikkaduwa.

Amazing places to visit in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is a beautiful coastal town in Sri Lanka that boasts stunning beaches and a rich culture. As a tourist, there are plenty of things to see and do here. Firstly, the Hikkaduwa Beach is a must-visit destination where you can soak up the sun and take a dip in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You can also indulge in water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life.

Another attraction worth visiting is the Hikkaduwa National Park. Here, you can go on a safari tour and spot a wide variety of wildlife, including crocodiles, monkeys, and exotic birds. You can also take a boat ride along the Madu River, which runs through the park and witness the mesmerizing beauty of the mangrove forests.

For those who are interested in exploring the local culture and history, the Moonstone mines and the Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve are great places to visit. The Moonstone mines offer a fascinating insight into the gemstone industry of Sri Lanka, while the Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve is home to ancient temples, villages, and forest trails.

Finally, the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary is a great place to visit and learn more about the region's marine ecosystem. Here, you can view a wide range of marine species up close, including sea turtles, colorful fish, and stunning coral gardens.

Overall, Hikkaduwa is a fantastic destination for any traveler looking for an idyllic coastal experience, rich cultural landmarks, and breathtaking scenery.

Best time to travel

Hikkaduwa is a beautiful coastal city located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, which is widely renowned for its rich biodiversity, incredible coral reefs, and turquoise waters. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, attracting visitors all year round. However, the best time to visit Hikkaduwa depends on a few factors.

The months between December and April can be considered the peak season to visit Hikkaduwa for tourists. During this time, the weather is dry and sunny, providing perfect beach weather. The water is also calm, making it ideal for swimming and diving. However, being the peak season, it can be a bit crowded, and prices may be higher.

From May to September, Hikkaduwa experiences inter-monsoonal rains. While this may make some activities like diving and swimming impossible, it is the best time to explore the city's lush nature reserves, go whale watching, or indulge in some surfing. Prices during this time may be lower and crowds thinner.

The months between October and November are considered the shoulder season in Hikkaduwa, with fewer crowds and lower prices. The weather is sunny, and rainfall is not a major concern. It is an excellent time to explore the city on foot, try some of the local cuisine, or visit some of the city's cultural heritage sites.

Overall, the best time to visit Hikkaduwa depends on your preference and interests. Each time of year offers something unique, and you can plan your visit accordingly. It is always advisable to check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay.

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